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Comp Card Template

This comp card template for models is available by clicking the link below. It consists of two fully layered Photoshop .psd files which may be edited to fit your needs.

In the modeling world, your comp card is your resume. It is vital to make a good first impression in modeling. A high quality comp card will let casting directors know you are serious about working with them.

There is room for 3 pictures on the back of the card and 1 one the front. We have designed space for the name of the model on the front and back. There is also room for model stats and contact information. To make a card for a male model just change the names of the stats to whatever you need.

Free Comp Card Template

Comp Card Template: Document Size

The Photoshop file measures 5.753″ x 8.753″ and is full bleed, however your final card will be 5.5″ x 8.5″ after printing. The cards are designed to be printed at Millers Lab, but you could print them anywhere.

Comp Card Template: Fonts Used

Only 1 font is used in this comp card, Bebas Neue,  and can be downloaded at Da Font free of charge.


If you are an aspiring model, you might be interested in our YouTube video series. We help models learn how to break into commercial and fashion modeling. To learn more visit NGM Modeling on YouTube.

Check out our primer on what should go on your comp card. Videos are available in English and Spanish on our YouTube Channel.


This comp card template can be found on our Downloads page along with all of our other templates.

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