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Custom Trading Card Template

Jersey is a custom trading card template that can be adapted for almost any sport. You could use it to make sports trading cards for soccer, baseball, football, softball, volleyball or hockey, along with many others.

Custom Trading Card Template:

This custom trading card template features a customizable jersey patch which can be changed to match the color of the jersey the player is wearing. It also features two textures. One texture is of a football jersey, and the other is of a soccer or baseball jersey. These two textures should account for most jersey types.

File Specifications:

Jersey is an Adobe Photoshop .psd file. It is fully layered so you can edit the player name, position, team name, and jersey patch. It is a 3″x4″ file at 300 dpi and is meant to be printed or cropped to 2.5″x3.5″ inches. There is a full bleed in case your printer needs it. If not, you can simply crop the file to 2.5″x3.5″ to have the customary sports trading card size.

How To Edit:

After opening your template in Adobe Photoshop, you should paste or import your picture to the layer that says “Your Picture Here”. Then use the type tool to change the player information. Lastly, to change the jersey color, you should select the jersey layer and then go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and move the Hue slider until you get the color you need.

We have found that this template works perfectly for both action and portrait style pictures. Therefore, it is a great selection for individual photos or a group situation where you are making cards for an entire team.

What Is Included:

You’ll get the Jersey .psd file along with a help file with links to the pictured fonts. The sample sports pictures are not included.

You can get this template on our Downloads page!

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