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Photographer applications are OPEN. We are hiring photographers to work with us during commercial stock photography shoots.

To see examples of the types of pictures we take and will expect you to take please see our gallery.

To familiarize yourself with the type of work we do, please read our Guide To Stock Photography, as it explains in detail what we do.

Photographers will be paid an hourly rate. They will not be expected to edit the photos as we have editors to do that.


Hired Photographers Should:

  • Have a DSLR of at least 20 megapixels with a quality portrait lens
  • Work quickly. We average 200 pictures per hour
  • Be able to direct groups of models to pose
  • Be comfortable with camera settings
  • Have a creative eye to take a variety of pictures
  • Be local to Atlanta, GA

To apply, please fill out the form below. We will have different needs throughout the year so we will keep all applications for reference. The first jobs will be spring 2019 and we will start contacting photographers as soon as we have the models lined up for a shoot. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all applications. If you have questions please feel free to ask us on instagram at @northgeorgiamedia.  Thank you for investing your time applying with us.

    NOTE: When your submission is complete, you will see a "Submission Completed" message. If you do not see this, we did not get your submission. If you still have trouble, you may also email the information in the form to info@northgeorgiamedia.com.