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Listed in the you should start applying to them, here are the top commercial stock photography agencies you should work with. Each of them offer a different avenue to sell your images. Many sales are made through subscriptions, so a buyer or company with a subscription to a particular site will usually only purchase from that site.

The first step to getting started is to sign up with some of the sites below. We recommend starting with the top two and then adding the others when you are comfortable with the process. Submitting to a large number of sites initially can be confusing and slow you down, so we’ve ranked them for you, just start at the top.

Note: Adobe is a premier site. We’ve listed them third because we think it is important to gain a little experience before submitting there. You want to start out on a good note. Starting at the top of this list and working down is the best order. Once you are comfortable with your process add another site. We would start with the top two and add another site each week or month depending on your schedule.

If something is wrong with your process, your pictures will be denied at every site. Therefore you are better off initially testing your outcome at a few agencies, until you are sure you have it down. You can always upload everything to the other agencies very quickly once you are getting some pictures approved at the first two.

Stock Photography Agencies

Are there more? Yes, there are more. But you shouldn’t worry about them until you are making over $1,000 a month. They will just slow you down unless your volume of pictures is very large.

This post is part of our Guide To Stock Photography. Go read the rest of the guide to start earning money with your photos.

stock photography agencies

Rob Marmion

Rob is a commercial photographer with North Georgia Media. He has had over 650,000 pictures published in a variety of media. We sell many of our pictures at Shutterstock. You can earn money selling your pictures there too!

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