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Any images that have identifiable people in them will need stock photography model releases, even if you are the parent of the people in the pictures. Each site will save your uploaded releases.  On Dreamstime you go into the MR section and upload before submitting, and on most other sites you can upload the new releases as you are submitting on the page where you pick your categories.

You can download the model release forms directly from the agency websites. Once you’ve done this a few times it’ll go very quickly. 

Each agency provides a release form template, but to lessen the burden on ourselves and the models we only have them fill out two releases each. We use the releases provided by Shutterstock and Adobe. They are two of the larger agencies and in our experience the smaller agencies or any new agency will usually accept releases from Adobe.

There are separate releases for minors and adults, so make sure you know the age of your model (over 18 is an adult) before the shoot.

Also, when planning a shoot, allow time in your planning for the models to sign the releases. You don’t want that to cut into your studio or shoot time. Make sure the models have enough time to read through the releases without feeling rushed. This will help them build confidence in you and your professionalism.

Finally, stock photography model releases should be taken very seriously. The number one reason for rejected files at the agencies is an improperly filled out release. Make sure you check the release over and that every line is filled out properly before the model leaves.

Stock Photography Model Releases – Stock Photography Guide

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stock photography model releases

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